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The Finer Wood Difference

You can find products of any kind offered at a wide range of price points from many sources.  However, "what are you getting for your money," is probably the most important question clients should ask themselves.  If you are looking for bespoke heirloom quality pieces individually hand crafted to suit you, then A Finer Wood can answer that question.

Heirloom quality work should provide form, fit, and function.   It should be something you want to display, have quality craftsmanship, and can be used for it's stated purpose.  After all, is something really heirloom quality if it can't be used, or  you don't want to look at it?  However, if you decide not to use your handcrafted item due to it's beauty, well, that is a different issue.

Cutting Boards and Charcuterie Trays


The same qualities that apply to Cutting Boards and Charcuterie Trays also apply to heirloom quality furniture, with one significant difference.  With furniture, the concern is safe durable protection that will withstand heavy use rather than a focus on being food safe. For example, table tops, end tables, and coffee tables must withstand cup rings, scratching, and daily wear and tear.  Dressers must withstand spilled perfumes, lotions, and hair products.


  While high quality finishes that provide this type of protection are safe, they may not be food safe.  Food safe covers a different concern because your food will touch those surfaces on a regular recurring basis.  This is not the case with furniture, and thus there is a different selection of quality finishes available to better meet the needs of furniture protection.

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