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Welcome to our shop, A Finer Wood, providing custom wood crafting located in Northern Virginia.  We're a small family shop focused on community, respect, and the natural beauty of wood.  In keeping with our family values, our actual business name, DIJ4, reflects the initials of everyone in our family.  Our store front, A Finer Wood, displays our passion and connects us with you, our clients.


Our passion is creating heirloom pieces from fine wood and sharing it with others to display with pride in their homes.  Through this passion we're imparting values and skills to our children.  The values of a good work ethic, pride in their work, respect for others, and an appreciation for nature.  At the same time they are learning how to run a business, develop skills, and a craft that will serve them a lifetime.

Each piece we create is handcrafted and infused with this passion and these values to be shared with you and your family.  We make cutting boards, charcuterie trays, epoxy tables, and furniture.

Outdoor Furniture Set
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